"Chills run down your spine, you break into a cold sweat..."

...your heart begins to pound,you are AFRAID!"

Scariest Places on Earth Fans
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This is a community for the fans of ABC Family's Scariest Places on Earth.

Some show information:
This show was hosted by Linda Blair, narrarated by Zelda Rubenstein, and given background by Alan Robson. It originally aired as part of Fox Family's (now ABC Family's) "13 days of Halloween" in 2000. It started out explaining and telling about haunted places around the world. Some episodes revolved around families going to haunted locations and exploring through the night, also known as the Family Dare episodes.

If you wish to join this community, please do so and have a small introduction with your first post.

These are the basic rules and regulations of the community. Please read and follow them.
-Stay on topic.
-Respect other users.
-General horror/paranormal topics welcome.

If you have any questions or comments get in touch with one of the maintainers and we'd be happy to help! Thanks!

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