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Just for the fun of it, I'll post the Scariest Places on Earth schedule for this weekend up.

I got this from TiVo, if anyone cares or read this.
SPoE Schedule for October 22-23, 2005

Saturday, October 22:
2:00pm- The Best of Scariest Places on Earth
3:00pm-“Chillingham”-The Olson’s attempt to spend a night in Chillingham Castle
4:00pm-“A House Possessed”- A Family returns to a haunted farmhouse, Westminster Cemetery in Maryland
5:00pm-“Haunted Irish Castle Dare”-The Ulriche’s attempt to spend a night in Charleville Castle
6:00pm-“Lair of the Wickedest Man…” The lair of Aleister Crowley, and evil genius and a moster of the occult, in Italy
7:00pm-“Cursed Italian Monastery Dare” The Ordenez Family spends the night in the ancient abby of Lucedio
8:00pm NEW “Castle Transylvania” An unlucky family visits the home of Vlad the Impaler
Scariest Places on Earth: Fear Force (I don’t exactly know what that is)
9:00pm NEW Ghost Hunters visit the Thunderbird Lodge, a popular haunt of the spirts of dead celebrities

Sunday, October 23:
1:00am- “Return to Transylvania” A family spends the night at the famed Vlad Dracula’s castle in Romania
2:00pm- NEW “Untold Stories (Venice)” A family spends the night on the Italian island of Poregila, which is reputed to be haunted; the family recalls their experiences in Venice
4:00pm-“Return to Charleville: The Haunted Irish Castle Dare Part II” An 18th century castle in the heart of Ireland.
5:00pm- Goldfield ghost hunt; mummies of Mexico; Hellfire Club; Hot Lake Resort
6:00pm-“Woodchester Mansion Dare”-Woodchester Mansion
7:00pm-“Return to Lucedio: The Cursed Italian Monastery Dare Part II” Some believe a 12th century monastery is cursed
8:00pm-“Urban Legends II” America’s greatest urban legends are investigated
11:00pm- Waverly Hills Sanatorium; lonely lighthouse; Scottish Castle nightmare
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